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This set of applications allows you to replace or remove the system information logo set by the OEM you bought your PC from. You can see this logo if you go to Control Panel -> System, and it usually tells you the name of the PC manufacturer (like Dell or Lenovo) or the motherboard manufacturer (MSI, ASUS, etc.).

Change Windows OEM Logo download selection by Jørgen Walters. May 19, 2015

  1. TweakNow WinSecret
    TweakNow WinSecret Download
    Most popular in Change Windows OEM Logo
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    (7 votes)

    TweakNow WinSecret will scan and fix system errors.

    ...and Internet, OEM Information, Special Folders, Start Menu, Windows Core, Windows Explorer and...

  2. Oem Logo Stamper Professional Edition

    It is specially designed for the professionals who build lots of computers.

    ...PE also has other advanced windows branding options.

  3. CT OEM Changer
    CT OEM Changer Download
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    (1 votes)

    Perfect tool that allows one to change all the information of your computer.

    ...have your own desired computer logo in the format of ...just one click. CT OEM Changer gives you full...

  4. OEM Info Editor XP
    OEM Info Editor XP
    Most relevant in Change Windows OEM Logo
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    OEM Info Editor XP is small utility that lets you add/edit the OEM information.

    ...or edit the OEM information and logo on the Windows System Properties dialogue...

    Latest Comments:

    system information will show you support info.

  5. Sarbyx

    Need a time planner and system manager? Sarbyx is the answer!

    ...of common IE and Windows tweaks, as well a ...drives, change the OEM logo and computer access to...

  6. SYS Informer

    With this program you can start/stop drivers and service and uninstall programs.

    ...set OEM computer information including logo/picture ...This program works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista...

  7. WinConfig
    WinConfig Download
    Most recent in Change Windows OEM Logo

    Will configure the Windows 95 operating system beyond...

    ...), edit your OEM information, clean up ...logos, configure the location of your CAB files (the Windows...

  8. SikUp!
    SikUp! Download

    SikUp offers a new level of interaction with your computer. This powerful utility combines...

    ...of common IE and Windows tweaks, as well a ...drives, change the OEM logo and computer access to...

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